Huluhammars Bruk started in the year 1716 as a blacksmiths with attached grindery and paper production. The business started in lower Taberg and the necessary power was taken from nearby Taberg stream. In the middle of the 1800-hundreds the business was taken over by director Johansson from Stockholm who changed it into a mechanical workshop. Johansson was called locally “The churn man”, because of the butter-churns the factory made at the time and in the future. Apart from butter-churns the workshop also produced threading machines from the end of the 18-hundreds and into the 19-hundreds.

In the 1930´s the business was purchased by a civil engineer Göransson who lived and worked in Russia. Under Göranssons leadership the business converted to manufacturing drill and file machines, toasters, washing-machines and friction-screw-presses up to 60 tons. Göransson led the business into the 1950´s.

In 1955 Huluhammars Bruk was taken over by Gustaf Winqvist and Stig Efwelund who owned the business, after the takeover together with Carlfors Bruk in Huskvarna both Winqvist and Ewelund worked for Carlfors Bruk as director respectfully engineer, at the same time leading the business at Huluhammars Bruk. In the beginning the factory continued to produce the earlier items but gradually went over to a definite manufacture of butterfly valves.
The manufacture of butterfly valves developed through co-operation with several contractors. Several founders were hired to produce a valve-casing, before the right firm, which could deliver a casing without pores or holes, could be chosen.

The valve-casing, wich is an important component of the valve, developed together with Kinnanders Gummi in Linköping. Kinnanders are still the only deliverers of these items.

Huluhammars Bruk have delivered butterfly-valves over the whole world. The valve was delivered to all nuclear power stations in Sweden, built by ASEA during the 1970´s. Valves were even delivered to ASEA´s then competitor, Brown Boveri, which later combined with ASEA to fond ABB. ABB has continued to buy the valve after the merger.
When the foam-concrete industry boomed in Sweden, Huluhammar delivered their butterfly-valves to the large factories of Siporex and Ytong. The valve has even been used in such unusual projects as crematoria, where it was included in the purifying system for mercury.
ABB Fläkt, which has bought Huluhammar valves for many years, has tested all valves to a pressure of 2 ATM.
In the mid 1980´s the Björklund family took over the total ownership of Huluhammars Bruk. The Björklund family own Carlfors Bruk AB which was earlier half-owner of Huluhammar. Since 2008 Huluhammar is completely owned by Carlfors Bruk AB . Åke Björklund was CEO for the business during the years 1985-2009. From the 1 of January 2010 Joakim Björklund is CEO of Huluhammars Bruk AB.